A Woolly Hat Deserves Special Care

When producers of fashion items use different materials in production, the idea is to have a variety of items that will appeal to their customers. However, what is hardly paid attention to is the way to go about taking care of the item. As there are different types of materials so do the ways to care for some of these products vary. The major product of concern here is a woolly hat. Hats made with such material will always require some special care irrespective of their style – whether ranch hats, baseball hats, etc. So, should you clean a woolly hat? Read on to find out.

Wash Gently

Wool, as you must have known, is a very delicate fabric so, you have to be careful about how you handle your woolly hats. In light of this, you should wash it gently, adopting a massaging action with your hand. You can take note of the areas that have specific spots, and duly attempt to move the stain with concentrated effort – you should not use a brush or any abrasive object to do this. You should not, on any account, use any device – except your hands – to wash your woolly hat. More so, the soapy water that will be used in washing the hat must be made using mild detergent and warm water.

Rinse Off The Soap

You should rinse off the soap immediately after you are done with the washing. The soap must not be left to dry up on the hat – this could dent the aesthetics, eventually making your hat an eyesore. So, you should be careful to see to it that the soapiness is meticulously rinsed off.

Use A Towel To Reduce Moisture

Your hat will certainly be soggy after the sequence of washing and rinsing. So, you should get a towel or any clean thick cloth that can effectively absorb water to pat the wet hat. This is only done to reduce the excessive moisture.

Air-Dry Your Hat

Now, you should get a clean mannequin head or something of that sort to hang your wash hat in order to get it air-dried.

Cleaning Frequency

The number of times you may need to wash your hat will be dependent on how well you use it. More so, regular cleaning will be required if your hat is always subjected to conditions that cause it to pick up stains easily. In summary, whether it’s going to be a monthly or yearly wash is all down to the condition surrounding the hat’s use. It’s important to state here that all your hat may require in some instances is just a simple dusting.

Other Care Tips For Your Woolly Hats

Besides washing or dusting your hat, the other care tip you should take to heart hovers around how you store your hat. You can easily store structured hats in some sort of storage bin or just place them on a hanger away from moisture or direct sunlight. Others – including unstructured or others without set form – can be stacked together somewhere in your wardrobe.