Buying a new vaping device? Follow these cleaning instructions!

Vaping is often considered by many as a better alternative to smoking. No matter whether you are a fan of cannabis, or want to try tobacco in a better way, vaping just fits the bill. The vaping industry has come a long way in the last decade, and there are better products, e-liquids, and pens to choose from. Many online stores have advanced vape pens, which are super easy to use and offer incredibly-tasting vapor. If you are wondering how to clean a vaporizer or take care of a new vape device, here are some quick tips to consider.

Know your vape device

Let’s start by discussing the standard components of a vaping device – tank, coil, and battery. Tank is what contains the e-liquid, while battery powers the device. The coil is also a critical part that transforms the liquid into vapor for inhalation. Basic care of a vaporizer is about taking care of these three parts, and regular cleaning will ensure that you enjoy the flavor at its best. Deep cleaning is typically required every two to three weeks for most vaporizers, but you should clean your device at least once every week.

How to clean the tank?

Since the tank contains the e-liquid, it needs more attention, and weekly cleaning is essential, because there is a high chance of the e-liquid getting contaminated, or flavor getting compromised. Start by taking warm water in a bowl. Now, detach the tank from the device and get rid of any left-over e-liquid. The tank is easy to disassemble, and the next step is to place the components of the tank in warm water. Use a soft brush to clean the components. Make sure that the tank parts are completely dry before you refill it or start vaping again.

Taking care of new vape devices

Always follow the instructions mentioned on the box of the product for cleaning and maintenance. Ensure that the level of e-liquid is maintained, and the device must be stored in a clean and dry place when not in use. E-liquids can lose the flavor when exposed to sunlight, so right storage is essential.

About the coil

If you get a burnt taste while vaping, or the coil looks damaged, you may have to replace it. Adding the new coil shouldn’t be hard, and you can start reusing the vaping device again.

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