Questions To Ask When Buying Jewellery With Gemstones

When you are looking to purchase gemstone jewellery, you will want to ask plenty of questions about pieces you like before buying them. Doing this can help ensure you know what you are buying and get a good deal, so you may need to educate yourself in gems. Below are some of the questions you should ask before buying gemstone jewellery to ensure you get quality jewellery at a fair price.

Have The Gemstones Been Tested?

One of the first things you should ask is if the gemstones have been sent to an international gemological research laboratory for testing. If they have, they will have a certificate which will give you plenty of detailed information about them. However, if they do not have a certificate, you will need to ask questions to find out the information usually on the certificate you receive when gems are tested.

What Are The 4 Cs Of The Gems?

You will want to find out what the 4 Cs are for the gemstones in the jewellery, and this information is usually included in the report when gems have been tested. The 4 Cs are as follows:

The Gemstones Cut: The shape in which the gem has been cut and how many facets it has.

The Gemstones Clarity: The clarity of the gemstone and any inclusions or imperfections it may have.

The Gemstones Colour: Gems are graded using the colours they display, with some colours being more desirable than others.

The Gemstones Carat Weight: The carat of the gems denotes its size and weight, which will also influence its value.

It is worth educating yourself in the 4 Cs before you go jewellery shopping as it will help you determine whether a piece of jewellery is worth the price or not. However, there are other questions that you will want to ask as well.

Have The Gems Been Enhanced?

You will also want to find out if the gemstones have been enhanced in any way or whether they are 100% natural. It is more common than you may think for gems to go through an enhancing process, but the type of enhancements can play a part in the value of the gemstones.

Depending on where you are purchasing the jewellery, you may also want to ask if the price is negotiable to make further savings. Ask lots of questions and understand gemstone jewellery before you look to buy it, and you can ensure you get a beautiful piece at a fair price.