What is Vetsend?

When it comes to our pets, we of course want nothing less than the absolute best for them. Vetsend can help you find the best. On the Vetsend website, you can find and order a lot of supplies for your pets, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, rodents and reptiles. The type of supplies range from many kinds of medication to supplements and diet foods. The advantage of this online pet pharmacy is that you can order everything from home and have the products delivered within three working days.

The history behind Vetsend

Online pet pharmacy Vetsend was introduced in 2016 in the United Kingdom. However, the UK was not the first location for this pharmacy to appear. Onlinepets BV, the company behind it all, started in the Netherlands back in 2007, under the name Medpets. Currently, Medpets has branches in Belgium, France, Germany, and Austria. The company has grown quite a lot since its creation and now has thousands of available products, all of which come from Dutch veterinary wholesalers.

The Vetsend Skal certification

In 2017, Vetsend was awarded a Skal certification. These certifications can be awarded by Skal Biocontrol, the Dutch authority of inspecting organic companies. In order to get a Skal certification, a company has to undergo an examination held by an inspector. They will check whether the company meets the conditions for organic trade. They write down their findings in a report, which will then be checked by employees of Skal Biocontrol. Because of this certification, Vetsend is allowed to not only store, but also distribute their products. A Skal certification is awarded when the food only consists of animal meat and when the rules for organic products were followed. This means that the products do not contain chemical additives and / or genetically manipulated ingredients.

The Vetsend veterinarian and customer service team

In case you have any questions, you could always contact a veterinarian working for Vetsend to ask about more information about a product, to get some general advice or to know more about certain grievances your pet might have. It is also possible to contact the Vetsend customer service team. By telephone, there are available from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon. They can’t give you advice on the products like the veterinarian can, but they can help you with issues regarding your order, payment or delivery. An online contact form is also available. If you use this form, you will get a response from the customer service team within one working day.