What to Look for When Buying a Chocolate Depositor

Chocolate depositors are designed to be used in pouring and forming chocolate. They are ideal for filling molds with a precise quantity of fluid chocolate or ganache that will flow through the heated piston assemblies. You can point the pistons toward mold cavities to best accommodate your mold configuration. A chocolate depositor can also be used for making chips, tablets, pralines, and chocolate drinks, refining chocolate to taste better, decorating the chocolate mold with various designs and patterns, and more.

Features of a Chocolate Depositor

When shopping for a chocolate depositing machine, make sure to look at the following features:

  • Depositing accuracy and precision. This feature will improve the speed and time of chocolate deposition. The majority of these machines come with a single-piston depositing system that makes sure smaller chocolate volumes are accurately deposited.
  • Flexibility. Look for a machine that has mass channels in nozzle plate arrangements for various applications for maximum range viscosities. It can cover a range of products like smooth chocolate masses and fluid liquor fillings. Also, the machine comes with an optional vertical piston system with sideways hoppers. This lets you process and deposit various masses like small-size ingredients.
  • Automation. A good chocolate depositing machine comes with a fully automatic system with a PLC touch panel. This feature allows for convenience and ease of controlling the parameters of the machine. With this feature, the optimum basic settings are saved in the recipe memory, ensuring reproducibility in the production process.
  • Design. A good chocolate depositor comes with a compact design that lets you integrate the machine and save space in your factory. Also, it comes with separate control in a single drive technology that makes it possible to independently integrate the machine into various kinds of systems.

  • Construction material. Chocolate depositors are mostly made of stainless steel. This durable and hygienic material ensures very low to zero contamination levels.


If you want a depositor with advanced systems, the following are the categories you must consider:

  • CNC category. A chocolate depositor in this range is capable of producing intricate chocolate designs with or without fillings. This is the ideal machine to use if you want to make different decorations for chocolate. This machine can maximize casting range, production, and depositing accuracy.
  • One-shot machine. You can purchase a machine with a complete 2D piping function that deposits directly into the cooling belt. Some machines in this category have a 3D or 2D programmable belt and a touch screen PLC command system that provides various capacities of deposits in a minute.